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Many say they see Dubai as the pinnacle of human engineering, the city of the future and off the chart wealth/beauty… But not me, to me Dubai is nothing more than a symbol of EVERYTHING WRONG in our society, it’s fancy and extravagant skyline is only a symbol of over consumption.

The huge divide of wealth between the Indian/Chinese migrant workers who literally use their own blood and sweat to piece skyscrapers together and the oil heirs and rich western executives who has enough money to bag $10mil villas/penthouses just show the great division between the rich and the poor.

The extravagance of hiring Tiger Woods just to play golf on one of their courses for millions and building a tall, monolithic ivory tower just showcases how sickeningly superficial we as a species has become.

What can ya say. Serves them right I guess. But I question why a country that has been awash in oil cash for decades, making billions a day, would even have to create a company that would have to borrow money to buy land from the same people who own and rule the country. It is, after all, a family affair. Sounds like a huge scam to me, so the rulers of these sheikdoms don’t pay any taxes and they hide probably trillions of dollars. They already own over 13% of US real estate. Now that is scary. They see the end of oil coming and they are buying up US real estate like crazy. The dumb US people will go from the oil buyers (auto slaves) to the rent payers. All to the arabs. LOL. Ironic isn’t it? The same peoples who did the 911 attack.

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